Friday, March 03, 2006

=][= Holy War =][=

The loose thread of a conspiracy can be innocuous. It can weave its way into the heart of the great tapestry of our time. It can be woven through one of the Emperors brightest and mighty of banners. Few see it and none but us take notice of this loose strand. When it is pulled by those most vile it can break apart the fabric of our Imperium. It can break apart our security and our destiny. Few look upon loose threads as we do. Few see them for what they are. Accolade, what you have provided me is such a thread, such a conspiracy. We must seek it out, find it at its core. We must find those who conspire against us. We must tie this loose thread off before it undoes us all”

This is a narrative campaign by way of Clue!

Six rival Inquisitors are attempting to uncover a conspiracy that they have found clues for. Each clue in the conspiracy is represented by a card. There are three suits of cards: Places, Inquisitors, and Elements. There are six inquisitor cards (representing the rivals), eight places (representing the possible location of the conspiracy), and seven elements representing the tools of the conspiracy. At the start of the campaign all four suits are separated and a random unseen card from each suit is placed in the conspiracy envelope. This represents the conspiracy: the perpetrator, the location, and the means of the conspiracy.

The remainder of the cards are distributed randomly to the players. These represent the clues that the Inquisitors have already uncovered. Each turn the players fight a battle and the winner of that battle may randomly examine two of the three chosen cards in their opponent’s hand. In the case of a draw both players get to see one of the others cards. In the case of a loss the poor inquisitor leaves empty handed. In the first turn the player rolls off to determine the order of challenges in subsequent turns winning players may challenge other players first.

As the campaign progresses players must note down which cards they have seen. At the end of turn 5 all the players must announce what they believe the conspiracy to be. This must be done on a private note card and all will be revealed at the same time. The envelope is opened and the conspiracy is revealed. All those that successfully predicted the conspiracy may challenge the heretic in the sixth episode. The battle will be evenly divided by the forces of good and evil.

Each of the element cards reveals a special use. Players may elect to use their elements however using the benefits of the elements may reveal clues that may assist ones’ opponent in uncovering the conspiracy.

Turn order: Players challenge each other in order of dice roll.

Build your Inquistor and Ret to a fixed list but beyond that game size will be based on a mutually agreed point cost.

If your Inquistor is killed roll on the following wound table:

2 Head Wound: The Inquisitor is at 1 W for the remainder of the Campaign
3-4 Chest Wound: The Inquisitor is at -1 W for the next battle.
5-6 Leg Wound: -1 Initiative for the next battle.
7-8 Arm Wound: -1 BS and WS for the next battle.
9-11 Minor Wound: No effect
12 Bionic Replacement: The Inquisitor has Bionics for the rest of the Campaign.

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