Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Dolgath Legacy part 5: Inquisitor Nelthas has arrived

Dolgath had nearly missed the arrival of Inquisitor Nelthas. He stood leaning forward, his face nearly pressed against the icy armor glass of the massive view port of his stateroom. Her ship was barely light cruiser-class, a sleek and stealthy transport of a type he had never seen before. Reverse-engineered Xenos technology, that’s what the Ordo Xenos were known for. Fast too, the arriving ship zipped into his ventral docking clamps so quickly he hardly had a chance to view it. Dagger-like, one might almost think Dark Eldar, yet it lacked the ostentatious sharp blades of the evil Eldar craft. A matt black hull like the space between stars, it had a shark-like appearance that even suggested the Tyranids, yet that was impossible…

Returning to his command chair, he eased himself down behind his huge, antique, ebony desk, an heirloom from his tutor, the legendary, Inquisitor Math. Whenever he sat behind it, Dolgath felt the weight of his old master and his unending drive for discovery. Math might very well have been better suited for the Ordo Xenos, Dolgath thought, his insatiable intellect craved mysteries, yet the ones he sought were blasphemy to the Inquisition at large. The mysteries of the warp were prescribed by their very nature to the bulk of the order, yet Math persevered in the face of constant opposition and frequent hostile antagonism from the Puritans. Math was truly ancient when Dolgath first came into his service. Over a thousand years old was the general claim whenever Dolgath asked about his master’s age. Math had trained hundreds of acolytes in his career, Dolgath had an ongoing project to track down all of Lord Math’s minions, this was clearly an extensive task, yet the one thing that he knew for certain was that he, Dolgath, was Math’s final apprentice.

Dolgath’s adjutant, Rykien, annoyingly appeared right when he was expected; only a young female in the black and crimson battle dress common to the commissariat, gave a hint that something else trailed in his wake.

“Inquisitor Nelthas has arrived. She and her retinue are being accorded our finest accommodations. Felicitations from Techmarine Tullius, fuel resources are now being shunted from the north-eastern port facilities to our troops in the all of the northern sectors. Also see Restricted Intelligence Report, codenamed: Iron Father. The Fifth Kelten Rifles have now been dispatched planet side and are engaged in entrenching positions in central New Boston,” Rykien stated flatly.

Dolgath stared at him blankly, then at the Commissar standing behind him. One of her arms was is a sling and an old bandage covered the right side of her face. In addition to that, her raven hair and piercing grey eyes demanded attention.

“Commissar…” Dolgath queried.

Both Rykien and the Commissar looked at him questioningly.

Dolgath looked pointedly at Rykien. “You are excused.”

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