Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Characters of the Rancid Blade: The Lady Hosphel

The Lady Hosphel 
The Lady Hosphel is often known as the Mistress of the Dragons.  She is the leader of the Screaming Dragon Wych Cult which makes it home in the many arenas of the Cabal of the Rancid Blade.  She and the Archon Actev Nu have had a long and profitable relationship through the years.  She and her wyches are happy to entertain and provide a never ending parade of victims for the amusement of the cabal. In turn the wyches are sheltered and honored amongst the minions of the Rancid Blade.  
The lady first rose to prominence in the arenas of The Cymbel.  As one could imagine she became used to the finer things in life while fighting in the arenas of the most privileged.  Cymbel is a small  arena circuit reserved for only the most powerful and wealthy of Commoragh’s denizens.  It was in this most elite circle that she came to be noticed.  When she struck out to form her own cult she did not want for wealthy patrons to support her and her clan.  The Archon Actev Nu was the most wealthy.  

None would call the lady a servant of the Rancid Blade because it if often unclear who in fact is in charge of the cabal.  Her and Actev vie for ultimate control.  Some years he is undisputed and others she is of clear prominence.  One of the closest warriors to Actev once said that the Lady and the Archon lead the cabal as though they were in a constant knife fight with each other.  The Lady is amongst the most powerful of leaders, especially in these dark days when for several years it was rumored that Actev had been slain.  The lady is a highly skilled martial artist and performer favoring an Agonizer as her weapon of choice.  Often she rides to war bare breasted on a reaver jet cycle.   However, recently she has been seen with a phalanx of Incubi.  Her fortunes must have increased indeed to have such assistants at her side.  

Lady Hosphel is an Archon. She is an HQ choice and an independent character.  She carries an Agonizer, a Shadow Field, a close combat weapon, and takes combat drugs.

Lady of Speed  Special Rule
Lady Hosphel is an ace at fighting at speed from the seat of her reaver jet bike. She may ride a Reaver Jetbike into battle for a cost of an additional 25 points.  She benefits from the following Special Rules: power through pain, acute senses, fleet (if on foot) or skilled rider if mounted.

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