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Campaign rules

This is a map campaign designed to be simple yet create an interesting narrative. The setting is New Boston. This is a city on the Imperial world of Trachis located on the edge of Tau Space. The latest Tau expansion, named Cheimon Sphere Expansion will begin here. This is in no small part because off the efforts of an Imperial Arch Confessor named Sylax. Shunned by many in the Imperium, and sought after by Inquisitor Dolgath, Sylax is known to make deals with alien races in order to secure his own survival. Since being cast out of the great pirate city of Commoragh, where he dwelt beyond time for many decades, he has recently concealed himself as a preacher in New Boston. Sensing his old foeDolgath closing in, Sylax has conspired with Tau agents, deactivating key defences systems, he has readied New Boston to become a foothold for the Tau invasion. The Tau seeSylax as yet another symptom of the Imperium's cancer. They care little for his machinations. However, they are prepared to partner with this human rouge in order to further their plans. As the Tau invasion force arrives in the sectorSylax and his adepts have organized for a expeditionary Cadre of Tau forces to take the City of New Boston. It will then become a safe landing ground for the massive invasion force which is baring down on the planet.

Dolgath, sensing a chance to finally capture his nemisis in the open, has assembled a task group of Marines and Imperial Guard to oppose the Tau forces and hopefully capture his foe. The campaign begins at dawn the morning after the initial bombardment of New Boston by the Tau expeditionary craft. The smoking city is in ruin. Both battle groups are poised to move into the city. If the city can be held byDolgath's Patriotic defenders then the Cheimon Sphere Expansion will stop before it has begun. If the City falls to the Tau and the heretic Sylax then the invasion force will have an easy beachhead from which to claim their first prize.


This campaign will be a street by street, block by block battle for New Boston. The full Tau invasion force arrives in three or four days. If the Tau expeditionary force (andSylax) hold a majority of the city when the invasion forces arrives then they will have established a landing zone for the forces. Dolgath and his task group must prevent this by holding onto the city so that when the Tau forces arrive they will have no safe and defend-able place to make landfall. Each Campaign Turn is represented by a 12 hour period. It is reasonable that if unopposed advancing forces will advance 1,000 feet into the shattered ruins of New Boston each turn.

1. Each side shall have four armies (2000 points each) on the campaign map. Each army will be represented by an "arrow" that will grow 1,000 feet every campaign turn. The arrow will show the path of travel through the city for the army.
1.a. Army lists must be generated ahead of time.
1.b. Each army should begin where a bridge or shaded pier meets the land (not a rail line) on the map. Shaded piers to not count for victory points.
2. Each campaign turn players will alternate advancing each "arrow" 1000 feet (2/3s of an inch). At the end of each turn, once all arrows have been moved, an alternating player will write the campaign turn report for the campaign blog, provided a 40k battle occurred in that turn.
3. The map is divided into "City Blocks". He who controls of a majority of city blocks will be the victor of the campaign. The way to determine control of a city block is to draw a line that connects all the outer most points of the arrows (start and end) into a circuit. Any blocks that entirely fall within this closed circuit are said to be "controlled" by those forces. Each shaded block is worth one campaign victory point.
4. When two arrows come within an 500 feet of each other they will meet at a mid point between the two and a 40k battle will occur.
4.a. The player that moved their arrow into contact with another arrow is the "attacker".
4.b. Cityfight missions from Cities of Death will be used. Unless guided by proximity to special city blocks roll a random mission from Cities of Death mission 1 through 5.
4.c. At the start of each Campaign turn each player rolls D3 and may take that many stratagems for the campaign turn. They should chose their stratagems at the start of their 40k games before deployment. They may also take additional stratagems if the city blocks they hold allow it.
5. At the conclusion of the 40k battle a downtime will occur. At this time the defeated player must retreat d3x100 feet directly away from the Victor's arrow point.
5.a. Units that are wiped out are removed from the campaign. Units that are injured or falling back at the end of a game must roll their majority save to be retained for the next battle.
5.b. Experience rules listed in Warhammer 40k will be used.
6. As each turn represents a 12 hour period. The campaign begins at dawn and so each odd campaign turn should be played with nightfight rules. At the start of each "nighttime game" roll a d6. On a roll of one the first turn is of the 40k game is played during the day(dusk), on a roll of 6 the last turn is played during the day(dawn), and any other roll the entire game is played at night (so get some spotlights!).
7. City Blocks listed below yield benefits to campaign play and 40k play.

City Blocks.
The city of New Boston is divided into a number of wards. Each ward number fully enclosed within an army's territory is worth five points.

Places of Worship and Schools (C, P)
Places of worship are often seen to be the key to controlling the city. As with schools they are critical assembly and rallying points for the population. If you control the places of worship or schools indicated they are worth 2 victory points. If a 40k battle is fought within 500 feet of the City Block then the following rules apply: at least half the terrain features must be intact buildings, the defender may use Sacred Ground Stratagem.

Public buildings and Government houses (1,2,3,4,5)
The commerce and governance that was the lifeblood of New Boston was regulated and controlled from these various buildings. If you control government buildings they are worth two victory points. If a 40k battle is fought within within 500 feet of these City Blocks then the following rules apply: At least half the terrain features must be intact buildings, at the start of each game the defender may roll +D3 Building Stratagems. Defender may use Sewer Rats stratagem free in any battle if they hold a government building.

Theaters (6, 7)
Patronised by the wealthy members of New Boston's society and trade negotiators, the finest works of Imperial playwrights were performed here. The building’s enormousarmaglass dome was said to be the most magnificent example of imperial design. Actors once trod the boards here, re-enacting the heroic deeds of the Emperor and hisPrimarchs. If a 40k battle is fought within within 500 feet of the City Block then the following rules apply: a suitably impressive theatre building of 3 levels or higher much be placed in the center of the table. The Theatres are worth 3 victory points.

Green spaces (8, Boston Common, 15, 16, 17, 18)
This once fertile and pleasant parks were used for state functions and gala dinners. These events were said to be magnificent and only those members of mercantile cartels who currently enjoyed the Governor’s favour would be invited. If a 40k battle is fought within within 500 feet of the location then the following rules apply: 30% of terrain features must be natural features or in the case of Boston Common 70%.

Hospital and Railroad Terminus(9)
The city's hospital still operates and is well stocked with medical supplies. Control of the City's rail system is critical in gaining reinforcements. While these blocks are in your possession campaign saves are made at +1. If both are held it is made at +2. If a 40k battle is fought within within 500 feet of the City Block then the following rules apply: while fighting over the blocks the defender has Medicae Facility stratagem and a large and suitable hospital or train station building must be represented. These locations are worth two victory points.

Prisons, courthouses, or jails (10, 11, 12, 19, 20)
The grim and imposing façade of the Judges headquarters, jails, and prisons are studded with pillboxes, loopholes and gun nests. They are fearsomely well-defended buildings and every approach is heavily mined and protected by yard upon yard of razorwire. If a 40k battle is fought within within 500 feet of the City Block then the following rules apply: Defender may take +D3 Dirty Tricks or Obstacles stratagems and a large and suitable jail or courthouse building must be represented. Those in possession of the Courthouses may take +3 Armoury Stratagems for any games they play while they are in possession of this building. Each are worth three victory points.

Markets (13, 14)
The main business of New Boston took place here, in the heaving, sweating floor of the trading house as the cartel’s representatives negotiated with off world buyers. Competition was fierce and fights common as the methods of sale frequently became little more than brawls. Each are worth two victory points. Those in possession of the markets may take +3 Armoury Stratagems for any 40k games they play.

Genatorium "Copp's Hill" (16)
Virtually all of New Boston's power comes from the gigantic generators on Cobb's Hill . From here, power is distributed throughout the city. The area around the Gentorium is a no-man’s land of automated underground turbines that pump out scalding hot water in man-killing steam geysers. Cobb's Hill is worth 2 victory points. The steam geysers follow the rules for Magma Vents outlined in Hostile Terrain, WD255, p36. There are D6+1 geysers on the battlefield. If a 40k battle is fought within within 500 feet of the City Block then the following rules apply: Power generator stratagem is free to defender and a large and dangerous power station with geysers must be represented on the table.

Hills (15, 16, 17, 18)
These are conspicuously tall hills with a commanding view of the and surrounding Habs. High ground is a vital objective for anybody wishing to control their immediate vicinity. If a 40k battle is fought within within 500 feet of the City Block then the following rules apply: The High Ground mission is always played in this location with hill as the objective, the Defender gains plunging fire stratagem and the high ground shall be a hill that must be clearly represented.

The Glass House gun emplacement.
Situated on an exposed and windswept rocky hill, the glass house has always had associations with death. Once, convicted murderers were hung by the neck until dead here, but now it is a fortified gun emplacement. It provides a crucial vantage point from which the attackers can be bombarded. It is worth five victory points. If you control the arsenal of laser silos on The Glass House you may use preliminary bombardment stratagem in every game you play. If a 40k battle is fought within within 500 feet of the City Block then the following rules apply: A large cannon or gun emplacement must be represented.


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