Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tales of the Rancid Blade: Part Seventeen: It was a far distance

It was a far distance from the comforting alcoves of her home world. An even farther distance from the seat of their empire. Traveling so far beyond the protection of the empire's armies and casting oneself into the darkness of space, far from the common shipping lanes, is something that most of her kind dream to do but don't have the courage. Looking from the ports of her ship, toward the lights of distant stars, she knew that what she was truly looking at was her destiny. Anemos saw not the cold vacuum of space or the grim malice of the void. She wasn't witnessing the terror of the darkness or the horrors that lucked out there. Rather, her dark eyes, viewed the massive light of the future. She saw the obligation of destiny. Her majesty of what was to come. Soon the expanse of space before her, name the Cheimon Sphere Expansion by her masters, would be part of the great Tau Empire. Today she was poised to begin it. It was trusted to her to obtain it. Her's to achieve it. The chaotic wilderness before her, hundreds of worlds, would soon be ordered, soon be lit by the enlightenment of her face.

She cast her eyes from the stars toward the view screen before her. Blue icons flashed and silver glyphs twinkled. They were like those stars through the port. The strategic map displayed the opening efforts of the Cheimon Sphere Expansion. The Water Caste had focused their efforts for several decades to identify the bases of power in this realm. All they found were disjointed and disorganized governments that warred and feuded. Their disorganization proved that the human empire was nothing more than the density of humanity. Great Ethereal philosophers had long espoused that the Imperium of Man was an empire in name only. They called themselves an empire but one might just as well call the green Orcs an empire, the orks were as disorganized. The Water Caste had laid the ground work over the years to assist the humans in their natural state of disorder. Communications were easily distorted. Convoys waylaid without any effort at all. When Anemos arrived, with her Fire Caste warriors massing like a cleansing wind, she saw a vast new area ready for the Tau's benevolence. All that was required was for her to sweep the humans asunder.

She pushed a command key on the white console before her. It signaled the Tau warships to begin the Expansion. A orange symbol appeared on the screen. It showed the first Tau warships approaching the nearest human planet in the expansion. New Boston was the name of the city where she would establish a beach head. It is the city where the Expansion would begin. She turned to her suit. It stood in readiness, in an arched alcove, white with blue lights glowing. She was ready for her destiny.


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