Monday, December 14, 2009

Tales of the Rancid Blade: Part Sixteen: I will make humans clean and proud once more.

"I call to you who dwell in the dark places of the galaxy. You who are old and tortured, you who labor and you who are besieged, listen to me now. I know that your soul is broken and I know that your toil has no end. What you call glory is gilded indeed but the rock beneath the paint is rotten and crumbles in my hands. The blood beneath the skin is poisoned and is clotting while I speak. You, who desperately patch your broken and pointless empire, listen to me. Do you not see that as you apply the patches, feverishly repairing the leaks and holes, the foundations of your empire continue to crumble? It is a rot than can not be cleaned. There is no life in your eyes, no fire, no hope. Listen to me now.

Your cause is not served by continuing your toil. You should turn away from your labors, cast down the hammer, throw back the anvil, it can do nothing for you now. Those who command you are dead and those who protect you care only for themselves. Step from the grim darkness of your far future, step from the horror where there is only war. Step into the light of the Anu. I will embrace you against my bosom and you will be safe. I will make humans clean and proud once more. You have a place in our realm. It is a place of light and optimism and hope. It is ready for you now. Lower your weapons and I will show you."

Communications to the last of the Mordian 27th at the Siege of the Fifteenth Gate. All hands surrendered.

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Dolgath said...

Foolish, Zenos.

There are powers loose in the universe far beyond your ken - ancient and terrible powers that you lack the ability to even perceive. I sometimes imagine that I envy you, blissful in your ignorance, content in your limited perception of the cosmos. Sadly, I see all too clearly, and I must face the fact that we humans are the last bastion. The Eldar have known the danger for untold millennia, yet they have grown few and fragile, hiding in the shadows and playing silly games. The green skinned races intuitively know the threat, they have great psychic potential; unfortunately, they lack the discipline to mount a concerted defense. The Great Devourer tastes the threat, even in it insatiable hunger, it will not eat of tainted flesh and will simply move on to more fertile pastures. Some say we humans are a dying race, yet the Emperor is with us. We are the galaxy’s last hope, the last bastion against the dark tide. Take heed, ignorant, incipient aliens, we humans hold the line against the Great Enemy, and if that line should fail, your fate will be far too unpleasant even to consider…

~ Inquisitor Dolgath